Haisla Nation launches new Economic Development Corporation

KITAMAAT VILLAGE, B.C., May 15, 2024 – The Haisla Nation today announced the official launch of its new economic development corporation. Known as yáqʷa, the new corporation is fostering the development of a well-diversified portfolio of business interests, ensuring sustainable growth and long-term prosperity for the Haisla Nation. It will enable the separation of business and governance within the Haisla Nation, particularly given the growth in economic development in Haisla traditional territory in recent years.

“yáqʷa is enabling a prosperous future for our people,” said Greg Smith, Stakeholder Relations Chair for Haisla Nation Council and a yáqʷa’ board member. “For decades, development in our territory provided minimal benefits to Haisla members, but with yáqʷa, we are taking charge of our economic future to ensure environmental and economic prosperity for decades to come.”

While the definition of yáqʷa is simple – to share or give away – the meaning has deep symbolism within Haisla culture and tradition in which sharing our resources with, and beyond our Nation is fundamental to who we are as people.

The yáqʷa logo was designed by Everett Windsor, who comes from a large family of Haisla artists. For Everett, he draws inspiration from the natural environment and his family, including his wife and children who encouraged him to submit his art.

“For me, yáqʷa means that teamwork needed to take care of what we have today so that we can provide for our future generations,” said Everett. “The symbol of a hand came to me first – the hands of our ancestors, our families and our current members. These hands work together to protect what we have, so that we can hand it off to future generations.”

yáqʷa will assume control and management of all current major projects, partnership and business development activities, with a mandate to support further growth and development in a manner aligned with Haisla values, such that Haisla members have access to increased distributions and services to lead fulfilling lives.

“We are grateful for our partners who have enabled the development of incredible opportunities for our Nation thus far; partnerships that we look forward to continuing to support, and growing,” said Kim Robinson, yáqʷa’s Manager, Partnerships. “With yáqʷa, our future is bright, and we welcome new partners and opportunities that are aligned with our values so that we can continue to share our cultural and economic wealth with current and future generations.”

Join our journey today at www.yaqwadevcorp.com, as we share our past, present and future with our people, and those who share our values.

For more information and inquiries:

Lisa Grant
Tel: 250-639-6206
Email: lgrant@yaqwadevcorp.com


About yáqʷa

yáqʷa was established in 2024 as the economic development arm of the Haisla Nation. Our mandate is to develop, manage and own the active businesses of the Nation. yáqʷa was established to allow for the separation of business and governance within the Haisla Nation. We are open for business and encourage you to visit our website to learn more and reach out to our team.

About the Artist

Everett Windsor (Haisla, Heiltsuk) originally from Kitimaat Village, comes from a family of Haisla artists. For Everett, his inspiration comes from his memories of growing up in Kitimat where he spent the first 13 years, living off the land, surrounded by nature, as well his family, including his wife and children. Everett’s hope is that his art can inspire his children and future generations to carry on his family’s legacy by sharing Haisla culture and tradition for all to enjoy. Learn more about Everett and his art here.


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