yáqʷa Development Corporation

Our mandate is to develop, manage, and own the active businesses of the Haisla Nation, for the benefit of all members.

Our vision is to facilitate the education, employment, sustainability and multi-generational wealth that will empower the Haisla with the resources required to build a powerful and proud community, healthy in mind, body and spirit.

While the definition of yáqʷa is simple – to share or give away – the meaning has deep symbolism within Haisla culture and tradition in which sharing our resources with, and beyond, our Nation is fundamental to who we are as people.

About yáqʷa

yáqʷa was established in 2024 as the economic development arm of the Haisla Nation. Our mandate is to develop, manage and own the active businesses of the Nation. yáqʷa was established to allow for the separation of business and governance within the Haisla Nation.

As economic development opportunities continue to grow for the Haisla Nation, so too does our ability to increase the share from economic development for Haisla people, and other Nations today and for future generations.

Our mission is to develop a well-diversified portfolio through a business-focused structure enabling sustainable growth and long-term prosperity.

Meet Our Team

TONY BRADYVice-President, Major Projects
KIM ROBINSONManager, Partnerships
LISA GRANTManager, Business Development


Our Board of Directors is comprised of five members, the majority of whom are Haisla Nation members. yáqʷa benefits from our Directors’ varied experiences, backgrounds and unique perspectives. Our Board provides independent guidance and direction to yáqʷa, while maintaining Haisla Nation Council oversight.


GREG SMITHStakeholder Relations Chair for Haisla Nation Council
BYRON OLSEN-GRANTStakeholder Relations Co-Chair for Haisla Nation Council
BRENDON GRANTMember at Large & Financial Expert
RICHARD PICHEFinancial Expert
Zewén ceremony

The Haisla Nation

The Haisla, meaning “dwellers downriver,” have occupied their traditional territory since time immemorial. Today, the Haisla people are centered on Kitamaat Village. Home to approximately half of Haisla’s membership, Kitamaat Village sits at the head of the Douglas Channel in British Columbia.

Living and working on the water has always been important to the Haisla, and that remains so today. The Haisla people have lived off the land and water resources of the Douglas Channel and our traditional territory for hundreds of years, and protection of those resources for future generations is a strong commitment by every Haisla member. Our territory’s resources have sustained us for generations, providing us with food, shelter, and livelihood. We have worked hard to harvest food, build our villages, and develop the resources we need to survive. The land is connected to our past, our culture, and now, our future. We believe in building a strong and thriving community, with healthy and happy members and a sustained and prosperous environment.

Our Business

yáqʷa is focused on preserving and enhancing the economic, social and cultural well-being of the Haisla Nation through sustainable economic development in the industrial, commercial and retail spaces.

Major Projects

yáqʷa manages and develops major projects, typically exceeding $10 million in value. As part of our mandate, yaqwa is assessing a diverse set of projects that are aligned with Haisla values, including renewable energy, forestry, and transportation.


yáqʷa, on behalf of the Haisla Nation, is leading the development of Cedar LNG, the world’s first Indigenous majority-owned LNG Facility.

Business Partnerships

yáqʷa is responsible for developing and facilitating strategic joint venture partnerships with industry participants. yáqʷa is also responsible for working with other business units such as Major Projects to ensure the projects provide employment, apprenticeships and educational opportunities for Haisla members.


HaiSea Marine is majority-owned by the Haisla Nation, in partnership with SeaspanULC, who together will operate the world’s first fully electric harbour tugboats. As partners in HaiSea, the Haisla are changing the face of the marine shipping industry by ensuring their values are front and centre.

Business Development

yáqʷa’s Business Development team identifies and manages commercial and retail projects within the traditional territory of the Haisla Nation.


Haisla Town Centre envisions the construction of housing units, hotel complex, commercial and retail spaces, and other facilities. The first phase is complete and includes a 49-room building currently being leased to LNG Canada as housing for the project employees. The vision for Phase 2 would see a broad range of residential and commercial spaces, and services and amenities for the community.

Work With Us

We are open to new partnerships and development opportunities that support our vision of empowering the Haisla with the resources required to build a powerful and proud community, healthy in mind, body and spirit.

If you are interested in doing business with yáqʷa and Haisla Nation businesses, contact us here.

Check here for current employment opportunities.

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